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    Outdoor/hiking shoes- Keen Targhee II

    So in my never ending quest to be a BadA like Protus, I find myself watching for Merrill shoes on sale at various outdoor stores.

    My joo blood (different than Jew) has never allowed me to pay more than the usual $40. or so for shoes unless they were combat boots and then I usually pay around that or less (wholesale). New Balance running shoes, two pairs per year, old pair becoming my outside work pair when shoes are rotated/worn in too much for running.

    So Gander Mountain in Valdosta, GA had some things on clearance today. If your not familiar with Gander Mt. when they put things like clothing and shoes on clearance for half off, it brings the price into the realm of normal prices. Outside of that, I don't buy anything there, my 'po joo' blood won't allow it!!

    When I saw Keen Targhee II hikers normally $125. on sale for $75. it got me looking. They had Merrills on sale also but any similar looking ones to these were considerably more.

    Just broke them in with a 3 mile ruck march/run. So far so good. I'm not fully sure of them yet, I'm thinking I shouldn't have cheezed and went full Protus and got the Merrills

    Any decent hiking/outdoor shoes sub $100?

    What are your thoughts on these versus boots? I certainly move a heckuva lot quicker in these than in boots. Last year I ran the Rifleman's Challenge at Max's in some Cabela generic hiking shoes and they worked well in the rocky terrain.
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    I've been wearing the targhee now for 2 years. They done great. But.....
    The soles will wear fast on pavement.
    Great hikers.
    They make a military one as well. Aka no reflective straps like the normal targhee has.

    Shoe I'm looking at to get next is the merrels fst . It's a hiker/trail runner hybrid.

    Keen also makes a shoe called Koven. It's like thier version of the merrels Moab vents.
    Lil more luggy sole.
    My beef is no arch supports..kills my feet on ladders. But I wore them to work daily.

    Those targhee should be water proof. They should have the keen dry ..which is thier version of gore text. It works.
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    I've been wearing these for over 5 years. The sole works very well for what I need. I have had the sole separate on a couple of pair. I get mine thru REI so all I did was return them for a new pair with no issues. The arch support works for me and my plantar fascitis. They have a nice large toe box seems to give me plenty of room for my little Hobbit feet.
    2 thumbs up.


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    I love KEEN's! I have more than a few, from the water sandals to the hikers... I like the roomy toe box area.

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    I'm on my third pair of these:

    For the past 4 years, unless I was doing something that required a boot or shoe, all I have worn are the rialto-h2's.

    MY ONLY GRIPE - let the sole get a bit worn and they WILL SLIP AND SLIDE on a smooth wet floor or concrete.

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