Book by Jonathan Hollerman.

At $14.99 it's a good read.

Pretty basic in most parts. Author seems totally fixated on EMP and/or cyber attack to the detriment of planning for other scenarios. First 50 or so pages reverberate with EMP warnings and what "life will be like after EMP." I assume most people have given this some thought, but if not that part will be useful. He spends an awful lot of time trying to push a "consulting service" he seems to be trying to get going as well.

The food storage info is mediocre and a lot of the info in the book is regurgitated without a lot of creative thought.

The pluses are that his info regarding packing for the field, etc. is solid.

Their is some glaring incorrect info like page 232 quotes that
"Even with addition of fuel stabilizer, diesel fuel can only be stored for 6 months to 1 year without significant fuel degradation and only if you keep it perfectly clean, cool and dry."
REALLY? Six months WITH stabilizer? DIESEL? I've seen many of unknowing folks spew that non sense about gasoline, but DIESEL?

I wonder how the hell that 1,000 gallons of off road diesel I put up in 1999 with PRI-D ever worked all these years it's been running a diesel genset, diesel tractors, a bulldozer, backhoes and excavators! Some of it is still being rotated and working fine.

The problem is like most of the books out by these newer authors, most of them have not actually stored things like diesel (or food, or...) for almost 20 years so they don't really know how these things work.

Overall the book is a good read and worth the $15.