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    Packs and pouches

    Like a lot of you, I own more than one pack and pouch; different ones for different reasons. I purchased my training pack from our sponsor some years ago and has served me well. The other pack I carry is a "get me home" bag. I started with a pouch, that swelled to a shoulder type bag but still wasn't what I needed when I realized that my trip home might take two days in a bad situation. I wanted a quality small pack that I would always have with me. I purchased a Maxpedition FalconII. Pricey, but what I wanted. Recently, a friend told me of a company that has reasonably priced bags and pouches. You will be shocked. I don't know the quality, so buyer beware. 3vgear.com

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    Are the shoulder straps of your Maxpedition FalconII padded well?

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    Yes, well padded. Better than my old REI pack that I wasted good money on years ago. No complaints with the Max pack except price.

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