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    Battle for Shady Pines part 3

    The battle for Shady Pines
    Description and disclaimer- Characters that follow are not based on individuals known to be real people. However, the characters actions, beliefs and interactions with others are based on real life incidents, comments, etc. from real people. While the main character may seem like a clown to some, he is a conglomeration of several types and styles of real life "preppers." I have endured to make this character real in the sense that their are people out there like him, who think and act like him. Keep in mind I've interacted with thousands upon thousands of like minded people over three decades, so this character type is NOT based in fiction. This is not meant solely as a sattire but also as a look at many issues related to survivalism as viewed by many people calling themselves survivalists or "preppers." While it's tempting to say "no one would think that" or "no one would do things that way", I re-iterate to you that all of this is based on real ideas, thoughts, interactions. I am NOT striving to make the main character look like an idiot to those that are experienced, I AM striving to make the main character look like someone who "doesn't know what he doesn't know" which unfortunately covers a wide swatch of preparedness minded people out there.

    Too often these types of stories are critized for not being "realistic" (based on the reader's perspective of course). Look at all the flak Jim Rawles original story "Patriots" has gotten online. Scores of people have written "that's impossible, no one can accomplish all that" (referring to the retreat in the story), meanwhile when I read it I'm thinking "they are lacking a lot." Again, the reader's perspective and where the individual reader is in his preparedness journey having a lot to do with how they react to a story. I believe you will find this story will show a more common example of a like minded person's preps and thoughts.

    Finally, my intent is not to tee you off with any of this story, but to give a glimpse inside the mind of a typical like minded person. I believe we can learn from all examples, even at times bad ones. Further, it's not to try to show any "superiority" or related BS as no doubt someone will likely attest once they read something they didn't want to hear or don't agree with- it's the internet after all folks, when people can't debate the idea or dislike something they hear they often revert to name calling. How are people like this going to survive if they cannot even defend their ideas I wonder? And yes, I realize all of Bob's mistakes, it pains me to write some of them Again, the idea is to portray someone who "don't know what they don't know."
    Thanks for reading and I'll add more as I have time, it will be an ongoing story, even though new additions will likely come slowly (I do have a couple of regular jobs as well )- R

    Part 3
    In the course of spending time on survival forums on the net, asking questions and doing research, Bob joined several online "prepper groups." These online "prepper groups" usually were segregated by state. Bob posted in one of the Florida prepper group sites and was introduced online to numerous folks in his general area.

    Bob read posts by numerous personnas on this site and came to the conclusion that although most of them seemed new to preparing, some seemed to know what they were talking about. He would mainly just read posts by various personnas and tried to get a feel for those people. Bob noticed numerous members that seemed to live within 30 miles of him. He took mental note of who they were.

    After a few months on this forum, he was invited to a "private" chat room at a specific day and time. Bob felt like a secret agent with his special log in and password that he was told was good for "one time only." Barbara made one of her few visits to the "closet of doom" to check on Bob and see if he wanted to watch a movie with her and the kids.

    "I can't right now, I have to be here for this special chat. I'm finally making it to the next level!" Bob said excitedly.

    Barbara gave him a dumb look and walked out saying "ok kids, your dad is in fantasy land so let's watch a movie."

    Didn't she understand how important this was? It wasn't everyday you got invited into the inner circle, especially with some people like this who were obviously squared away.
    Bob logged on 5 minutes before the set time and noticed that the conversation was already in progress.

    Three messages appeared quickly-

    "Thinking of the weekend of the 12th in Ocala."

    "Family event or no?"

    "Good idea to meet everyone"
    Then their was a long pause.

    Then "Hi Bob" came across the screen. Two others chimed in with similar responses.

    Bob couldn't think of what to say so just typed "Is this the right place?" and put a smiley face next to it.

    "This would be the right place Bob"
    "Maybe do a blacksmithing demo there also" someone posted.

    The tempo of the chat switched back to what was being discussed prior to Bob logging on. Finally someone posted-

    "Bob, we were discussing having a get together in Ocala the weekend of the 12th. A family friendly event. To discuss preparations." It was Julia one of the organizers of the site.

    Bob quickly typed out- "That sounds great. Camping?"

    "Yes. We heard about a great private campsite we can rent from one of the guys that has hosted campouts there before. It's private but not in the middle of no where."

    "You think you can make it Bob?"

    Bob hesitated. No way in hell Barbara was going to "approve" of this.
    "I think I have something that weekend, but I'll try to move it." Bob typed out.

    "That would be great if you came, there are 3 other guys from Jax that are coming, aren't you from Jax?" a poster named Bilbo typed out.

    Bob had simply put down "Jax" as his location when he joined the forum. Jacksonville was a big city and that gave him some anonymity.

    "Yes" Bob typed out quickly.

    "Yeah dude, you need to come" a poster named Wompa Wompa1 typed out. He recognized that name as one of the posters he was following up on.

    "I'll try." Bob posted.

    Pretty soon another window opened in his browser that said "chat with Wompa Wompa1?" Bob clicked yes and he entered a private chat with just that poster.

    "You seem like a down to earth guy, have you met any of these people from the forum?" Wompa asked.

    "No, been too busy prepping to meet any of them" Bob replied trying to sound important.

    "Tell me about it dude, I've been scouting areas west of here on my ATV trying to map bug out routes" Wompa said, leaving it open ended.

    Bob thought for a second then replied "I know what you mean, it's good to have those mapped out ahead of time to save time when something happens." He stopped and smiled to himself after he read his reply. It sounded professional.

    "I've been adding more rice and beans to my 1 year food supply, trying to find a local source for wheat" Wompa posted.

    "That's the hard part isn't it" Bob replied quickly without thinking it through too much. He wasn't doing any of that, but he wanted to sound interested to his new "friend" and definitely did not want to sound like he was not prepared.

    "What do you think about the situation in the middle east?" Wompa1 posted.

    Bob thought for a second and then replied- "it's precarious, could be World War III really quickly."

    "Dude, no kidding! That's what I'm worried about" Wompa1 replied.

    There was a long pause, then Wompa1 typed, "Dude, I got to run, let's meet up sometime if you don't make this campout. I'm always looking to meet level headed people that are serious about preparing."

    "Me too, it's hard to find people that are really doing this" Bob replied then thought about how to finish it.

    "Keep your powder dry" Bob typed out.

    "You too, later dude" Wompa1 replied and signed off.

    Bob sat back and smiled to himself. He had just made a real contact, a new friend that was serious about prepping like he was. He knew it was important to meet other like minded people and to build community. This was Bob's first step in that direction and he was excited about it.

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    So far so good.

    I never got a secret chat invite

    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    Bob in Shady Pines is not Bob from Idaho, just in case anyone gets the wrong idea.

    Bob from Idaho is a tough dude that's ten feet tall and shoots fireballs out his arse...., Bob from Shady Pines is a milk toast.

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    To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    Bob in Idaho is a man's man lol .
    So far I think it's great read, the forum stuff is spot on for that one place full of "hardcore" types ,that I think everyone runs into at one point in their internet travels .
    I just hope a real book/blog writing expert in survival comes along to help Bob learn to survive in this modern world.. hehehe
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    He's not Bob from Indiana either btw
    Thanks for the story.


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    another goodun... cold outside. sheesh, i've heard some folks camp when the weather is in the teens!
    i suspect there is a post count that is real high that we much reach on the super duper sites before we get the secret handshake and chat room!

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