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    Introduction 230gr

    Introduction 230gr
    I will tell you a bit about myself and my interests so you will know where I am coming from.
    Actually, I have been interested in survival since I was 13 and when our family was trying to prepare for a nuclear attack and possible invasion during the Cuban missile crises. My father worked for the Air Force and had access to allot of spy plane photos. He could tell us nothing of what he saw but what he saw plainly scared him. We lived way too close to the SAC base in Orlando and the high water table kept us from even having a basement. The novel ďAlas BabylonĒ had a very positive effect on me as a teen, especially as it takes place literally where I was living at the time. Shortly, however, my father transferred back North where I continued as best I could on my own. I was very fortunate to move to a small village where a sizable fraction of the people had a survival mentality. Even more fortunately, I married with a similar view on the need to prepare to survive.
    In the very early 80ís, I joined Live Free and found other families who where survivalist too and participated in trading and learning exercises as family units, exceedingly valuable for information before we had internet access. In a few years we founded our own Survival group and now we include our childrenís children.
    My training I am a chemist and, by inclination and agreement, I am in charge of the groupís food procurement, distribution and future production.
    I and a retired laboratory supervisor and was certified as a Radiological Monitor some years ago by the state of Indiana.
    My interests are: gardening, medical and retreat living.
    I now live at my retreat in central Wisconsin with my wife and one of my 8 children and her young family.

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    Awesome intro, thanks! I remember Live Free. Met John a couple times at Preparedness Expos in Indiana back in the 90's. He said they were still having their annual meet up at Tippicanoe back then.

    I remember reading about them in ASG back in the day and thinking "man that's soooo cool these guys are doing this!"

    There was a group in Central Florida around Orlando in 86-87'ish that were affiliated with Live Free and seemed to have exclusive use of a big range outside of Orlando. I never made it to one of their gatherings cause by the time I was driving I had very fortunately fell in with some squared away Vietnam vets that trained a bunch of use youngins.

    Welcome to the forums, look forward to hearing more from you.
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    here, or maybe in basics or general discussion or somewhere tell us about live free, if you'd like to and have the time!

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    Welcome aboard..great to have you here.
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    Welcome to the forums, stick around and post some of your experiences!

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    still having their annual meet up at Tippicanoe back then.
    They are still having training operations but not at the cabin complexes. Apparently, a threatened bat has first dibs and we humans might bother them.

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    As I always say, welcome to therapy.

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