A few months back I went through the arduous task of deleting several thousand old registrations of people that had registered an account here, NEVER posted a thing and had not been on the site in more than a couple years. Cutting the fat sort of speak.

Well it was immensely more effort than was expected.

So the system is now set up so that you must make some sort of post, preferably a quick introduction post not long after you get your email back confirming your registration was accepted for the forums.

If you DO NOT post something, and your post count remains at Zero for an extended period of time, the system will automatically delete you.

This absolutely has NOTHING to do with anyone that has any number over Zero in their post count, so no need to worry.

I will as a see it, put up a courtesy reminder to you on your visitor messages or PM you and remind you about the need to make a post, outside of that, I'm not going to remind you fifty seven times or plead with you to post something. And like I said, the registration system is simply set up to "prune" people with a ZERO post count after a certain amount of time.

So eazy peezey lemon squeezee- just make a post, any post and you won't be deleted. This isn't hard people.

If you don't, and you get pitched by the system, don't cry to me about it.