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    associate has a gate over driveway... not fancy. just a plain ole gate... but uses a battery to open and close....

    yes, a car or truck could just drive on through. but if a car came through the closed gate, uhmm... pretty clear to occupants of house that occupants of car are not the neighborly type!!

    first line of defense/warning...

    associate and wife have remotes that operate the gate and a pedestal with push buttons... the remotes quit working... the pedestal would still work.

    associate took battery to local battery store and rep. says "sir, this cell looks great, see on the tool... and this cell and and this one, then sir, see this reading... this cell is shot... you need another battery..

    bottom line of this little tale: check your batteries. generator? security system? vehicles? tractors? boat? gates? walkie talkies, radios?

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    For his gate remote control , use this one like I do.
    700 meters range. Darn nice.
    It's a momentary to open and momentary to close.


    Had to replace one after 5 years after a lightning strike.

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    700 meters is a long way... i had to check the math... about 4/10mile... impressive!
    does it need clear unobstructed view or can it weave through/around a few bushes and trees?
    the price is reasonable... he's checking current distance... probably 1/10 mile if clear shot is my guess.

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    Nope, Mine goes thru a house, trees and barn just fine.
    For the price, he should be pleased.

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