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    Military readiness

    I saw this a few days ago, but I waited until now to post this in respect for our great veterans.

    There are two myths which are deeply imprinted in the minds of most US Americans which are extremely dangerous and which can result in a war with Russia.
    * The first myth is the myth of the US military superiority.
    * The second myth is the myth about the US invulnerability.


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    Indeed a disturbing bit of info. But the people in the armed forces know this. The fault lies with the idiots we put in office in DC. Every war we have not won has been because of that group of politicos. After being around the army for 21+years , I can tell you the brass knows and even most of the Joe Snuffies know. It goes deeper though. Our day to day leg soldiers are out classed in the simple tasks. Hand to hand, shooting,(getting better) Equipment= OBAMA revenge. Lots of areas. Only our tech will carry the day and our spirit. The enemy has a huge shortfall,IE: they cannot think for themselves. I have seen this even in the former soviet bloc countries. The enemy foot soldier can't think like ours do. China has the same issue. When I had to interact with even the lower officer ranks it was the same. Don't sell them short !!. But I do hope and pray we don't get into a world war. This current war on terror would be over if the dept of state and the clueless DC elite would keep out of it. AS WELL AS THE LIB TARDS all over the place.
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    the country... the folks in the country have had such a change... on nearly every issue that exists.
    we put people in office, even knowing where they stand. on so many issues... such as the military..
    but you can see the change at your social events, school, religious centers, neighborhood, internet forums.
    huge disrespect for those that wear the uniform. support for the enemy. past and present.
    a person or group will give the polite smile and say "oh, you know we support the military... "
    but then they will turn around and spend 10 times the words explaining the evils of our men in uniform and uplifting those that have traitorous positions.
    taking up societal, religious, political beliefs of those that have been and are enemies.

    I am very concerned.

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    Ditto to what rr stated above. I would say its a younger generation thing, but I have seen too many "older" folks turn on the military/police. When asked why, they seem to regurgitate what the MSM is saying. The MSM is driving the conversation and slant/spin it the way they wish. The braindead sheeple just sit there waiting for American Idol to start and watch the 6:30pm news and let their brain absorb what is saying instead of questioning and researching the truth.....
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    The MSM and Dems have been demonizing our military since viet nam, our country is truly doomed.
    And Ive heard those myths regurgitated over and over... they keep weakening our armed forces by letting in people that would have never been let in years ago as well as not letting DI's etc train and yell at our recruits but give them safe spaces etc its a sad state were in military wise. Were basing our military on past victories/failures... were nothing like our ww2 armies

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    My son is an e-7 SFC on recruiting duty an, a training NCO. He told me last month that the mental patients were getting waivers to enlist , depending on the problem and meds. Then this week he advised that the Pentagon was waffling and put a hold on them. Go figure. I personally know a fellow who was booted out of the Marines on a section 8 and Michigan allowed him to be a police officer. He lasted less then 90 days in the corp.. I got in trouble during the time he worked for me in doing a background on him. My dept had to pay the nut case 25 grand because I exposed his pych evaluation, then fired him. He did get another job. SAD!!!!! The state did NADA.

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    "The myth of US military superiority".

    I can only speak of what I know, and that is a bunch of half starved jungle fighters without air power, without armor, or without artillery other than rockets and mortars, fought us to a stand still.

    Kind of like what is happening in Afghanistan, come to think of it.
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