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Thread: toyota sequoia

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    toyota sequoia

    about 14 years ago an associate was showing me his Toyota sequoia (spelling?)
    it had cost him a big amount and he was sort of low key bragging...
    had a 4.7 v8 I think.

    this week we had a chance to talk about vehicles...
    they've used this thing hard.. 2 kids have grown up in it... ball games with all the crew.
    340,000 miles and no major repair... just oil changes.
    trim on rear door (tailgate) is a little loose
    but looks good and engine sounds great.

    what a great advertisement for Toyota.

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    I just got rid of a 2003 Toyota Matrix earlier this year. It was a five speed stick shift with 287,000 miles. no problems except normal stuff like tires, oil, brakes (only twice...yep only twice), hoses and batteries. No major problems.
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    Have had nothing but good luck with Toyotas. 2004 Tacoma has 250K on it now and a new look with the bedliner coating on it. I know the engine has at least another 100K on it.

    We keep maintenance pretty good on all vehicles but still no major issues, couple of environmental EGR valve type deals, that's about it.

    Only complaint would be Toyota is proud of their factory parts, and a 2 year warranty on paint is kind of a joke.

    Now my last Chevy S10? That was a total PITA, giving major problem even before 50K. That was the last new Chevy I will ever buy most likely. Took a BATH on the trade in/resale value on it also. $14K new, then not two years later was "lucky" to get $5K in trade.

    "Like a rock"- yeah that's your RESALE VALUE, it drops like a frickin rock!!!

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    I've been driving my same Toyota for the past 14 years. It's in the shop right now to replace the ignition switch but otherwise starts up every morning and gets me where I need to go. I could replace it, but why?

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    I too have owned Toyota’s in the past. No complaints except cost of factory parts. I was at a large Toyota dealer visiting a friend one day when one of his coworkers made a mistake that trashed an engine in a 2010 Sequoia. He told me later that it cost the dealer $14K for replacement. I would hate to see what a paying customer’s bill would have been. A couple of years ago, I went looking for a full-size pickup for general use and towing a small camper. I purchased a domestic because of price and fuel economy. We will see if I made the correct decision.

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