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    Phone case

    Like a lot of you, part of my EDC is my phone. I rarely use it, but it is my primary communication device. I need some suggestions about a case for it, one that clips to my belt AND will last. I have purchased many over the years that the belt clip lasted for a week and then broke; back to the front pocket. Is there a smart phone case that has a belt mount that will last with rough use? Thanks.

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    I don't know about a belt carrying case.
    my experience is the same as yours. and I use a front pocket! however, I think that there is some danger from the phone being so near the body for so long a time... bad vibes from the electronics in the phone.

    but, I will recommend an "Otter Box" for a protective device... mine has protected the phone from a large number of concrete, gravel, hardwood collisions. mine is getting ragged.

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