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    Grapes of Wrath or Grape Kool aide from wic?


    Don't know why it loaded sideways.

    Seen on a main road in South Georgia (I hate to confess that).

    We had to pass then drive back by for the pic....

    Come and lis'en to my story about a man named Jed, Gub'mint programs kept his family fed..... then one day he was driving to the Qwik Mart for a brew.... and some gub'mint stew..
    WIC that is, probably Peach Card also
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault your poor?"

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    I am pretty sure scenes like that are not isolated to GA....
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    i think that picture is taken in my last village!

    if you lose your license for driving while brewed or weed skewed or just too much speedo....
    you still have to get around...
    leaves 2 choices outside of pat and charlie.
    1. bicycle
    2. riding lawn mower.

    a short story... (but i'll stretch it out some!)
    a senior citizen couldn't drive well... he had an old ?ford ? mini pickup.
    his step son was worried senior would kill himself or someone else as they lived near a major 4 lane road..... in so. georgia.
    step son saw a ga. state trooper he knew and stopped and talked with him.... telling trooper about step dad's bad driving..
    step son wanted trooper to go to the house and "take" seniors license...

    trooper said he couldn't do that.... that there had to be an official process with doctor reports etc... to take or pull someone's license.
    step son was wise... and asked trooper to come by and talk and get some lemonade...
    step son advised trooper that he may be given the license... trooper was suspicious of step sons intentions and advised... 'i won't keep it."
    step son just said... good don't keep it, give it to me (the step son) trooper agreed.

    step son went to his mother's home and told mother and step dad that he'd seen the trooper and the trooper needed to do something but he "sure didn't want to."
    step son, went on to explain who the trooper was and that the families had been close for a real long time, and that they had to do whatever it took to make it
    easier on the trooper.... and that if the trooper came by that they should treat him nicely and honorably and just hand him step dad's license without making him
    ask for it... they agreed...

    so trooper came by... all had a settin' down out on the front porch and talked about fishin' and huntin' and crops and the heat... he was offered lemonade and he got a glass of good cold lemonade. he then said thank you and that he needed to leave.... step dad got up and handed the trooper his drivers license.
    trooper said... "oh, mr. farmer, i sure don't want to do this... it just ain't right." then he turned handed step son the license as they shook hands and trooper left.

    step son felt good. someone's life had just been saved.

    and for the rest of this long winded tale....
    step son lived a couple of hundred miles away and on his next visit.. noticed that there was a very old ford ? 8n? tractor in the carport next to the house and that stepdad's old mini truck was gone...

    step dad had traded his truck even/steven for the tractor. they lived about 5 miles from small village. and 20 miles to town a little bigger. so...
    step dad didn't drive in his old truck down the big 4 lane highway any more!!
    he drove his old wore out tractor to town... it made it just fine down the 4 lane 20 miles to big village!

    our older generation came up tough and know how to get things done~

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