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Thread: Patriotís Day

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    Patriotís Day

    Happy Patriotís Day to all. An important day in American history that is no longer on calendars or mentioned in the news. The shot heard around the world has been silenced.

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    The original patriots would be rolling over in their graves today...
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault your poor?"

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    Remember Samual Whittemore.

    Think maybe we've P'd away everything he stood for.

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    I find it extremely ironic that the war was started over gun confiscation by the government, in a colony that today is one of the least free states in the US.
    "There is nothing so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." Winston Churchill
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    Yup. Rpd that's always been ironic to me as well.
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