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Thread: Praise the Lord

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    Praise the Lord

    Had sinus surgery not too long ago, after a LOT of hoopla involving two separate hospitals not wanting to honor their written quotes when it came down to the time I was writing out checks. Extremely stressful events, many many MONTHS wasted but thank God finally got it down.

    Dangerous surgery, figured in a few weeks of being completely out of it after the fact. Recovery has been pretty quick. I was answering phone calls on the way home from the hospital- sounded like crap but I lost ZERO days of business.

    Praise the Lord I can breathe well again! He brought me and my family through it with minimal hardships and very little pain. Not to sound pretentious but I knew He would! There is a peace in that. During pre-op waiting with the family we said another prayer and then we were horsing around, joking and even playing with the medical instruments- seeing how breathe holds and burst breathing looks on the monitors LOL.

    He watches over us, and I thank Him again for that!
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    Glad your good to go now.
    I got super worried few years back,got a bad infection and was compacted. Took near two months to clear out with super strong meds.
    Glad that it went super smooth for you.
    He watches over us more than we think..
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    Glad to hear that 1Admin....The Lord is great!!!
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    and i think He really really appreciates the thank yous...

    i don't remember but maybe in john 14 or close... several principles about if folks honor me, i will Love them and tell the Father about them and we will love them...
    i'm sure i didn't get that accurately, but principle is close....

    thank you and praise you Lord.

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    Part 2- got a Staph infection on one of my first followups wherein they put all kinds of instruments in your sinuses in office.

    About the worse month of my lab, had to cancel a show out West and a trip. Traveling with a 104 temp wasn't in the card.

    Thank the Lord He saw me through it again. Worse month of my life coming to an end now thankfully.

    Praise the Lord- "every breathe in our lungs...."

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