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    Question Prepper shows: Good idea or just a place to sell junk?

    I was wondering if anyone has ever gone to a prepper show before. I was thinking of attending but I am unsure if it is worth my time? The website provides little info on really anything happening and I am unable to find anything about previous shows. Prepared and Spared - Off The Grid Expo
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    Quote Originally Posted by FeloDeSe View Post
    I was thinking of attending but I am unsure if it is worth my time?
    It depends on so many things, are you in the middle of a project and want to take a break for a few hours?

    You could use the time to possibly network. Know the prices of items that you are looking at to purchase before you buy at the show.

    Take cash and maintain opsec. Have fun at the show.

    Anyone else from that state want to chime in?
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    I have never been to one but I'd like to check one out. Problem for me is they are always in BFE.

    Where is the one you mention?

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    Thumbs up

    Never mind I just went and looked it up.

    I will be going to this as its near to me for a change!

    Went to many concerts there as a yute, and still go occasionally for gunshows.

    WOO HOO!!!

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    I've been to a few and they vary widely. It depends on who the sponsor is and who the vendors are. The first one I went to was mainly a bust (Gainesville, GA). The only bright side is that Lowdown3 was there and a couple of others from the site. If I had something good to say about the sponsor, I would...'nuff said.

    Another one I went to (far, far away in another part of the country) was excellent.

    I guess the moral of the story is if it's convenient and not too expensive, I've spent more money and gotten less.
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    great responses..
    agree... even with jimmy's comment on Gainesville being a bust!

    I've only been to two..
    the ticket pricing was reasonable at both
    I got good deals on stuff at both .. cash did help!
    both had seminars
    meeting other like minded folks was helpful and
    some folks would share general information.

    i'll go again.

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    I have been to 1 and Luckily for me it was more than worth the time and money (For me but remember I am a n00b). Actually one of the guys from here was speaker there. I learned alot and can not wait to attend another one.

    I was happy to see so many "like minded" people from all walks of life. I live in a very "trendy" area and it drives me crazy that the majority of my AO lives in a paradigm where nothing can happen because this is THE UNITED STATES and nothing can touch us... And our Government has never done anything wrong to its own people, nor could it.

    I will go again simply to meet other "Crazy" people and feel a little more normal for a few hours.

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    Prepper shows are like gun shows. You gotta know what you're looking for and what it's worth, otherwise you can get a bad deal or buy something you really don't need. Or, buy something you can't use it the way you thought you could when you bought it.
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    I have been to one.. we didn't go "needing" anything.. just to "look see", it was OK, got free tickets online. Saw a few things I didn't know about, like a crossbow powered shotgun.. The stuff I was interested in, was stuff I had researched some already, and most if not all of it was way more $$ then I could find it elsewhere.

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    AHH!! more face's for the data base. I know I'm paranoid, or am I. I found the solar expos very helpful.

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