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    Age and eyesight

    I went to an indoor range after Thanksgiving; nothing says the holidays like range time you know. I was having some difficulty focusing, the grouping was good but off slightly. Time for a visit to the eye doctor. I visited a new guy, understanding that he is a libertarian and a shooter himself. After the exam, I told him of my difficulty with iron sights, he said that he hears the same complaint a lot. His prescription was as follows: go to St. Augustine, find the Fountain of Youth, take a drink, and bring him back some. Otherwise, use optics. He is a long-distance shooter, haven given up iron sights years ago. Great guy.

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    I can confirm that eyesight does NOT get better with age I used to wear glasses for reading; now I can only see blurs without them!

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    My eyesight did get better with age. I wore glasses from the age of ten to the ripe age of 56 then I did this one thing....LASIK. Now five years later no glasses and I can see when I get up at night....
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    My life long buddy is an eye doc.
    Explained an issue to him..he started laughing.
    " dude...we're both in our 40s...welcome to getting old.."
    Trying to read up close is a no go anymore....but put the book 30ft away and i got 400x focus lol
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    my wife looks like she is playing the trombone trying to read. Yet tells me I need to go to the eye doctor. I know my time is coming but not just yet.
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