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    When I did it in Tennessee, my startpoint was part of an FAA navigational facility
    I figured it wasn't going away for a long time and sure nuff, it didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockriver View Post
    ok... when i get ahead, i'm gonna hide some greenbacks .
    but, some folks get a little forgetful as their hair turns gray...

    who are you going to tell that there is a container including some cash out by the
    oak tree? or under the carpet in the bedroom closet...
    your children?
    your best friend?
    your best hunting friend?
    your new wife?
    your preacher man?
    your girlfriend?

    Reminds me of a quote I heard once-

    "Man I trust you with my life, just not my money or my wife!!"


    Seriously though. A clue sheet is helpful.

    "Dirty job"- refers to the PVC tube buried under the compost pile.

    That sort of thing. I've told my son where to find our cheat sheet if we both died. Told him to take time, think and explained most of it to him.

    Still, someone may be finding some FRN's 100 years from now ....

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    wwd, your story brings back a memory...
    a close associate was in a bomber, flying over enemy locations and helping bomb the poop out of the cannibals... in the pacific.

    before leaving on one mission, he had just done well at a game of chance and cunning and bluffing...
    so... he snuck out of the dormitory one night and went way out and buried his stash xx feet from a big ole tree...

    returning to base some days later, he went looking for his stash...
    the tree was gone and the military had built another runway in that location...
    concrete was thick... and no tree and no cache and no stash!

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    I keep cash on hand. If things were to go South, natural disaster or otherwise, I want enough to insure our ability to function.

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