To get some growth often times you have to take a little risks.

During the last correction (Nov-end of December'ish) it was tough to make decisions.

Is the market going farther down? Hard to tell.

Do you have cash (money not locked into funds or stocks) in your retirement account? Time horizon? Big difference if you need it today or two years from now than if you don't need it for 20 more years.

NGL Energy partners, which pays a 12% dividend, could have been had around $9. with the 52wk low being $8.71

It could have been sold today or a couple times here lately over $14. per share. And they paid a $.52 cents per share distribution between when you could have bought in Nov/Dec till now. So that might have netted you some bucks also.

I sold most of mine at a little over $13. but got the distribution also.

USAC Compression partners, pays a 14% dividend, could have been had as low as $12.09, it briefly crested over $16. recently and $15.93 today. They paid about $.50 a share out in this same time period. I've seen it at $19. a share, so I've sold some of what I bought in Nov/Dec but I'm waiting a little longer on the rest. It's been a consistent dividend payer for years and I bought it for the dividend.

Wasn't just the oil related stocks also, lots of bargains could have been bought and sold in the last few months. But it's tough to go against the grain. Yet we do that as survivalists all the time.

And STILL my worst performing stocks are the precious metals mining companies. ASM has come back a bit and AUMN has moved off crazy lows. All these dropped during the correction, being precious metals related didn't help them. And none of them pay any dividend so they are just red numbers in my Etrade balance for the time being. Yet common thinking is that "precious metals go up as the market goes down"- well that's not always certain.