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    I have always been mechanically inclined. Over the years that has saved me a lot of money and started a career. A few weeks ago, a friend purchased a new backpack leaf blower. I told him that I was in the market for a new one and he gave me his old one that didnít run. 30 minutes of work and I have a $250 leaf blower cleaning the driveway. I would never have bought an electric start blower, itís pretty cool! Over the years I have traded car/truck repair for a retaining wall, firewood, a rifle, etc. on the other hand, my wall guy, my firewood guy, etc got good deals too. Barter works. Think of what skills you have to trade.

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    This is one of the big skill sets I've found intimidating over the years. Don't know why, just scared to mess up high dollar parts I guess? Routine maintenance, sure, major repairs not so much.

    Working with heavy equipment more has helped me get over some of this. And having bought a couple of used pieces that were PIECES LOL I've gotten some more experience that way. Still mostly things that a real mechanic could handle easily though. Kept having fuel issues in a backhoe. Went through and change filters, bled lines, injector pump, even flushed and cleaned some nasty gunk out of the tank. It was a Case backhoe and this particular one didn't have a removable or easily accessible fuel tank- No I wouldn't be that lucky. This was one where the fuel tank was PART OF THE FRAME. 25 gallons of off road later I'm still intermittently getting huge clods of dirt and gunk out. Of course the hole is just small enough that you can't really get your hand up in there much. I'm digging around with clothes hangers, getting a long wand pump sprayer up in there with acetone, all kinds of fun stuff. Whoever the brainiac was that designed the setup, seemed to leave all kinds of nucks and crannies where dirt and crap could collect- was able to get to some of them and scrap crap out with fingers, clothes hangers. The wand from the sprayer came off one time IN THE TANK.... Oh yeah that was a mini coronary LOL. 20 or so more gallons flushed through. Then change all the filters again, bled the lines, more fun.

    It did start running better. The hydraulics however were SOL. Changed filters and fluid, checked what I could and got a guy out. He did the same, they got slightly better but seemed to slow down dramatically after a little bit of work- front and back the same. So I would use it for 10-15 minutes and then go do something else, come back later. Guessing something bigger was the culprit there and after putting about 4-5K in the unit, decided that was it for me. Later sold the albatross....

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