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    prc, great advice... i've rec'd it before in relation to some other products... i failed to follow it.. then...
    to my great loss.

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    just to check prices, i went to apmex.... looking at silver eagles..
    the best price i saw was 39.18.... silver at 27.53
    folks, that is a $12 premium!! there are a bunch folks on the buying side of silver for this premium to be so high..
    when i bought at 20.00 i think the premium at that coin show was about 2 to 3$
    i think a crowd of folks are buying. or,,, the pmi retailers and that survivalist crowd are just scaring the poop out of civilians.

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    So, just for giggles I looked back to when rr did a restart on this thread. I saw on Jan 27,2020 silver was $18.09 and on March 23rd, 2020 silver was $13.78. Today's spot is $28.22. So if you were a wise investor, in 20 weeks you could have doubled your money....those paying attention could have done well.
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    Short comment:
    Watching gold and silver and the ups and downs.
    As of this morning, it's giving me a deja vu from the last time silver bumped $50 an oz.
    Feels like the beginning for the wild swings.
    This feels like the early beginnings of the same thing again.
    Swings started, got wilder and more severe.
    Then smoothed out and prices were high.
    Lasted maybe two weeks and then got slammed by the banks back to where ithe real pricing was buggered again.

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    What was I saying about selling?

    But wait, my buddy that pushes PMs told me Gold was going to $3000. an ounce and silver $100.

    Yep, been hearing that BS since the early 90's.

    Sold a good bit of my metals mining stocks FINALLY where I could sell at a little profit. Kept some for if things do go 2011'ish again. We will see.

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    Always a fun ride.
    Comment: I also remember when I was being told gold was going to $1500/oz and eventually, it did.
    Considering the inflation and pissing away the value of the USD, $, I could see $3000/oz.

    I suspect, this time after the drop back it will skip past $3k and go to 5 or 6k.
    Just me and I have a lot of patience.

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    interesting thread...
    looking back at the numbers... last year mid summer and comparing to today.. see ld's chart to the right.
    silver 25 and gold 1818...

    not a lot of difference and biden/govt.... spending $$ like there is no tomorrow...
    i put spending, but "giveaways" would be a better word...

    so metals about where they were a year ago. ?

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    ?????so metals about where they were a year ago. ? ????

    Yep, Gold is not a fast mover like silver
    But when it does move, hoo-boy

    Gold takes a lot of patience but I've always found it worthwhile.

    Sit on gold and hold it, it's savings, not a spendable.
    When gold does move, try to find close to the top and sell half of your gold and get cash.

    Then 4 months, 6 months, a year later, take that cash and buy gold.
    Then you are back with more gold than you started with.
    After that, be very patient again.

    Unless the USD is failing, then I'd hold onto all the gold.

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    i haven't been watching silver till a couple of days ago and it was 21. something... then today 22.51
    i had a couple of $100 and thought i'd pick 8

    i thought the price for an eagle would be 22 plus a few $
    shocked to see premium at about 9$ over

    called a friend that knows a lot more than me. he says physical silver in industry is costing more than futures market... more than spot... that doesn't make sense to me.
    he's active in a coin club and has told me that members buy and trade at club meetings... so i thought i'd ask for an invite to a meeting... he gave me an invite but said i would not be getting any cheap silver... at the last meeting some folks brought some eagles but didn't want to sell...
    one member had bought some guests who wanted eagles... no one would sell till the guests offered 50 per eagle... and guests seemed happy!
    i don't mind paying a few (2 to 3$) over spot but not 9...

    gold is 1757.

    my bride went grocery shopping at local grocer and sams today...
    she came home saying prices are jumping.

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