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    prc, great advice... i've rec'd it before in relation to some other products... i failed to follow it.. then...
    to my great loss.

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    just to check prices, i went to apmex.... looking at silver eagles..
    the best price i saw was 39.18.... silver at 27.53
    folks, that is a $12 premium!! there are a bunch folks on the buying side of silver for this premium to be so high..
    when i bought at 20.00 i think the premium at that coin show was about 2 to 3$
    i think a crowd of folks are buying. or,,, the pmi retailers and that survivalist crowd are just scaring the poop out of civilians.

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    So, just for giggles I looked back to when rr did a restart on this thread. I saw on Jan 27,2020 silver was $18.09 and on March 23rd, 2020 silver was $13.78. Today's spot is $28.22. So if you were a wise investor, in 20 weeks you could have doubled your money....those paying attention could have done well.
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    Short comment:
    Watching gold and silver and the ups and downs.
    As of this morning, it's giving me a deja vu from the last time silver bumped $50 an oz.
    Feels like the beginning for the wild swings.
    This feels like the early beginnings of the same thing again.
    Swings started, got wilder and more severe.
    Then smoothed out and prices were high.
    Lasted maybe two weeks and then got slammed by the banks back to where ithe real pricing was buggered again.

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