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    I thought $15. was the bottom??


    One of the regular economic crash prognosticators recently called "the bottom" of silver at $15.

    Some of these folks should be glad it's not Old Testament times where "prophets" were to be stoned if their predictions didn't come to pass.

    And the response would be the typical "large forces are intentionally keeping the price of silver low." Which is the classic precious metals dealer response when you ask why the hell your "investment" has gone down in value like crazy.

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    Gee, we would run out of economic forecasters really fast (not that that is a bad thing). Maybe political commentators next?

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    In case you thought some of the ups and downs of the metal markets looked fishy in the past few years, here is why.


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    ld, looks like you were correct. silver climbing slowly.
    i only have a little. used some to buy some camping gear a while back.

    i bought most of what i had for 20/coin. 18.06 per price on my screen for spot.
    i thought i got a good deal at the time.
    at this rate, i may be back in the money by mid 2020!!

    i'm glad i bought it..
    hmm. considering other purchases/sales as i type this.
    i got into a financial jamb a year ago. sold a little jd tractor i had. got good money for it.
    i'd love to buy it back today at the same price i sold it for.
    i didn't have enough coin to sell to meet the need.
    that tractor would run the pto chipper, the generator, the 6' grooming mower, the small box blade. the tiller, the small disc, landscaping rake.
    which is better to have? pile of coins or that jd?

    my answer: both... they can do different things.
    the silver coin could be used to buy a loaf of bread. i don't think i could sell a part off the tractor for that loaf. not readily.
    and in my situation. i should not have sold it. with hind sight i should have sold something else... or even borrowed money. (trying to not do that ever again)
    apologies for the rambling. trying to teach me how to make better decisions next time.

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    foster's link

    after typing my above post..

    i clicked on the link foster posted. thanks bill

    fellow discussing link to corona virus!

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    Wouldn't surprise me if Silver bumped down to $11 down the line and then go to $30+.
    Sure, they mine silver but it's actually like land, they only made so much.

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    prc, thanks... i'm curious how you got 11... i may go look at some long term charts.

    considering my actions... if it does get to low teens, time to go buy for me. but no big pile of excess cash now. so... time to think of what i could sell... bingo.. not long till spring and boating season.. the runabout in the barn still looks good, and cranked this year during maintenance, but if we went to the lake it was only once! yep... if anyone is looking for a 20' runabout, ski, tubing, pleasure, type boat send me a message... ! maybe you have a "boatload" of silver coins that you paid 5$ for and you are ready to trade!

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