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Thread: vitamin e

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    vitamin e

    family member has a red skin rash on lower leg that has came back again... starts small, spreads and the scratching causes worse problems...
    family dr... diagnosed one thing and gave prescription.
    skin dr... diagnosed something else and gave prescription.
    both prescriptions gave slight reduction in desire to scratch.

    i prescribed vitamin e... we couldn't find liquid so bought the strongest % capsule at wally.
    broke capsule and rubbed on leg. same day relief. after 1 week ... most of rash is gone, after 2 weeks all rash is gone. that leg looks healthier than other...

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    Liquid E ( from crushed capsule) is great
    Mixing some "real" honey with it helps too (unless you;re going to be around a bunch of ants)
    Rashes, cuts, scraps.

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