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    Thrive products

    Got this from a friend....thought I would pass along to others....

    Dear ........ .........,
    At Thrive Life, we strive to provide you with the very best products possible and to uphold the highest standards of quality as we source, formulate, and manufacture our products. It has come to our attention that over time a reaction may take place in our baking powder product which may cause cans to expand or bulge and increase the risk of sudden release of the powder when the can is opened and could pose the risk of injury. In a few instances the increased pressure has caused a can lid to release involuntarily which could also pose the risk of injury during handling. Because this product no longer meets our stringent quality standards, we are issuing a recall of the following product:
    Thrive Life Baking Powder Pantry Can
    Thrive Life Baking Powder Family (#10) Can
    This product was discontinued in August 2015.

    We have not received any complaints of illness and, based upon independent lab testing, there is no food safety issue with this product. Thus, any product that has already been consumed poses no threat to the consumer. We have no reason to believe this issue has any impact on the taste or quality of the product. The recall has been issued solely due to safety concerns associated with cans that have more pressure inside than normal.

    Properly Dispose
    Our records indicate that you have purchased one or both of these products. If you still have any unopened cans of product, we ask that you dispose of them immediately in an outside receptacle that has a lid. Because of the risk of the can lids releasing involuntarily due to increased pressure, carefully grasp the sides of the can, not the top or bottom, and hold the can away from your face or person so that both ends are facing sideways, away from your face or person. Place the can in a thick bag or box when transporting to the trash receptacle, and carefully place it in the receptacle—do not drop it.

    This voluntary corrective recall is limited to unopened cans only. Although it is likely that your product has already exceeded the 5 year expiration date, Thrive Life will still issue a product credit for any unopened cans of Baking Powder, and you thereby agree to dispose of those unopened cans of Baking Powder immediately. To receive a credit please click the Receive Product Credit button below. If you have already consumed or opened your product and do not need a replacement, please select the No Product Credit Needed option below to notify us.
    Receive Product Credit
    No Product Credit Needed
    Verification Code: ......

    Filling out the online product credit form is the fastest and most effective way to submit your product credit request. The credit will appear on your Account Info page on the website within 2-4 weeks. If you experience issues with the online form or need further assistance with this recall, please email bakingpowderrecall@thrivelife.com or call toll free 877-743-5373 (9am – 5pm MDT)

    We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused, and assure you that product safety and quality are our highest priorities.

    Thrive Life
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    Damn these new companies are just now figuring out baking powder isn't good to put in #10 cans?

    Pancake mix and many other "mixes" that are sold in #10 cans contain baking powder. I've posted pics before of bulged cans when people questioned me about it.

    Purge any older pancake mix, baking powder and any mix that has baking powder in it, check the cans for bulging and do NOT under any circumstances try to open the can. BTDT trying to be a cheapskate.... you'll be cleaning up minute particles all over the house for the next six months!

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    I learned that one many years ago. Back in 99 or so, I purchased some pancake mix from a “reputable company.” The #10 cans swelled on both ends. I called the company, not to get a refund, but to report a potential problem. The phone was disconnected in December 99. Great bunch of folks there in Utah.

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    For those that don’t know (I didn’t)
    The active ingredients in baking powder are sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is a dry acid that is also known as sodium aluminum sulfate.

    From reference.com. Baking powder is inactive in its dry form, but mixing it with a liquid causes a chemical reaction that forms carbon dioxide gas. This gas forms small bubbles in the liquid. Baking powder is a convenient leavening agent for baked goods because it works instantly and has a long shelf life. It is the bubbles, formed by the release of carbon dioxide, that cause dough and bread to rise.

    Homemade baking powder:
    2 teaspoons cream of tartar, 1 teaspoon baking soda.

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    Since cream of tartar and baking soda are common baking ingredients, it's easier to make your own baking powder and save the money spent on reacted cans...

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