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    The left's duplicity

    In her new article, Wilkinson discussed the case of The Aviary, a trendy bar in Chicago where a waitress recently spat on Eric Trump, the president's son. Wilkinson wrote that the incident, along with her own decision to oust Sanders, shows that in the age of Trump "new rules apply" in public accommodations: Americans who work for the administration or support the president should stay away.

    "If you're directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home," Wilkinson wrote.

    Wilkinson noted that "no one in the industry condones the physical assault of a patron," but at the same time declared that Americans should understand that a "frustrated person" -- for example, a restaurant employee -- will "lash[] out at the representatives of an administration that has made its name trashing norms and breaking backs." Americans should accept that such things will happen.

    "If you're an unsavory individual," Wilkinson concluded, "we have no legal or moral obligation to do business with you." Better to stay home than risk the spittle. (And of course, Wilkinson and her colleagues in the hospitality industry will decide who is "unsavory.") -Washington Examiner
    But if your a Christian baker or florist and some homos specifically target you to make their cake or get flowers for their "wedding", you decline but offer several other vendors in the area, then you can pursue them to the gates of hell, try to ruin their life and business, etc. This has happened and is still happening.

    Meanwhile, libtards are spitting on Trump's kid at a business he's patronizing and that's o.k......

    The left just got too used to getting their way all these years and hell had it's day with obama around.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    I agree with what you said above.

    To my mind is the following .....

    These are (Liberals/Communists/Progressives/New World Orders/Globalists/Merovingian/The 84 Families/The folks above Soros/ et al), all different names/labels.

    They are all one and the same.

    Many are "the Useful Idiots" and the rest are the "Real Deal".

    Wrap all of them in the same bundle because even if "the Useful Idiots" don't realize it, they are intent on taking everything you have,,,, family, property and then to kill you.

    They will use most of you for fertilizer except for the few needed for organ transplants and sex toys.

    The foolish "Useful Idiots" are too dumb, soft and lost lambs to realize the truth of the previous line.

    They will end up just like you but they're too dumb to see it.

    Prepare, teach the young ones, organize, harden your hearts.

    The words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement homes amidst the sounds of silence.

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