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    Going to go ahead and say it...


    About a dozen articles just in the last week alone. "Trending" as they would say...

    Guys, they are pushing for a race war.

    Oh geez, he just said that, that must make him a racist.

    No, just a flipping REALIST who sees the BS the media is trying to pull.

    Omar al diaperhead- "white males are more dangerous than jihadis"

    We laugh at those idiots, but they are getting press.

    Whole groups of people growing up hating white people. WHITE kids taught to hate white people. Your flipping tax dollars at work!

    20 blacks attack a couple in Washington DC outside a fancy hotel- headline "youths attack..."

    If 20 white people attacked a black couple headline would read "Radical white supremacist white nationalist LYNCH an innocent black couple in horrific HATE crime!!"

    Folks they are setting the country up for a race war.

    That's far fetched right- yeah right. "Kingdom against kingdom (country vs. country) and nation against nation (race vs. race/people group). You've been warned.

    The BEST outcome from the liberals standpoint is whites giving up more.

    Expect a false flag- a drugged up white kid shoots up a black neighborhood. It's "found out" he's a Trump supporter, klucker or now their favorite term- "white nationalist." Give up more or full race war. I'm guessing the idiot druggie that shot the black church in SC was an attempt at this, black folks in SC weren't that stupid to fall for it!!

    The signs are everywhere. Don't be that ignorant arse that goes "we got all the guns it won't last long..." blah blah blah blah. It won't go down that way, I promise you. Tools are nothing if you don't use them.

    Watch the bravado, stay real. This is happening in front of our eyes right now. Prepare yourself.
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