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Thread: i can't weld

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    i can't weld

    i've developed an appreciation for a grapple hooked to a front end loader assy.

    awesome what it can do...
    the one i've been using
    both "clamps" have gotten twisted from picking up stuff that is heavy and putting stress on the clamps.
    both hydraulic pistons/brackets have broken loose from the frame. (these hydraulic pistons/cylinders operate the clamps that hold stuff to the framework.)

    i've located a small time welder not too far from the house that piece by piece is fixing the problems and reinforcing them when the repair is done....

    but what if? he wasn't around..

    i can't weld... a number of the farmers can weld and do have welding equipment... that are in my area.
    i don't have the equipment either...

    so another item on the list...

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    there's always 4 12 car batteries in series and you got 48vdc and can weld light to medium stuff.

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