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    fellow with lots of guns and ammo

    i just caught a part of a tv announcement about a fellow with a lot of guns and ammo... didn't get it all
    i think he was from kentucky...

    anyone know the whole story?

    what was he guilty of?

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    This might be what you are asking about, someone who was not a danger to others...

    PA Man Has 39 Firearms Seized. NBC Call It A “Massive Arsenal”


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    Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2019/09/pa-...#ixzz5yN4R6VLj
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
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    Philadelphia, PA –-(Ammoland.com)-“Philadelphia police seize massive arsenal of weapons from suicidal man's home,” the NBC headline reads.

    NBC's national story goes onto state, “The man, who has been hospitalized, had at least 39 guns, multiple grenades and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition, according to police.”

    The story is about a 72-year-old man, whose son was concerned for his father's wellbeing. The son reported to police that he was worried about his dad and that his father had guns.
    Police responded by raiding the man's house and seizing all his firearms even though the man's family says he wasn't a danger to anyone but himself.

    The police said the unnamed man had 19 handguns and 20 long guns. The NBC news story said he had an “M-16 military-type rifle” which most likely was an AR-15. The other long guns consisted of hunting rifles.

    The grenades referenced in the headlines were inert. The man was an avid collector of World War II memorabilia and firearms all his life. The grenades were from that era.

    The “massive stockpile of firearms” was not an unusual amount to most gun owners. Collecting 39 firearms over 72 years does not seem like a lot to other firearms collectors. Although to the uninitiated 2000 rounds might seem like a lot, to gun owners, it isn't an unusual number of bullets.

    Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter and Philadelphia candidate for city council has an issue on how NBC reported the story.

    “You have a 72-year old man whose family says he is an avid collector,” Toure said by phone. “A 72-year old avid collector with only 39 guns. So, one, it is not a cache. Two thousand rounds of ammo is not a lot of ammo. My last shipment from Phoenix Ammo was more than 2000 rounds. It is not a lot of ammo.”

    To Toure and other gun rights advocates, it seems that the police has violated the man’s rights by ignoring due process clause of the constitution. The advocates point out that police seized the man's firearms without charging him with a crime.

    “His son called on him.” Toure said, “The question is if he is a threat to himself, why are you not just not taking him out? Why are you taking his firearms? He hasn't been charged with anything. There has been no crime committed. They seized his personal property. That is what is actually happening.”

    “There has been no due process. This is a violation of his fourth amendment rights. I think he or his family should sue. They are treating it as if they removed some crime-ridden lunatic off the streets. That is not the case. This man has not even been charged anything. I don't care if you are pro-gun or anti-gun. The issue is that this is a violation of personal privacy and a direct disrespect for our personal property.”

    According to Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum of the Philadelphia Police Department, unless the family petition the courts to get the firearms back, they will be destroyed. Rosenbaum seems to think the family will not request to get the guns back.

    “I don't think they're going to be trying to get the weapons back,” Rosenbaum told NBC. “I've talked to the family today as of an hour ago and they just don't want them to wind up in the wrong hands. They seem to be very nice people.”

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    this is the story i was referring to..

    thanks for the added info...

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    Commentary on this-

    1. Evidently did not teach his family right..... How many times have we covered this sort of thing? His adult KID called this in? Probably some liberal millennial.

    2. 2,000 rounds of ammo for almost 40 guns? Yeah dude's not a threat, he obviously doesn't even practice!

    At that age/point of failing, you should be sitting around with your kid(s) and transferring stuff to them a little at a time. Did stupid millennial child sell his prize rifle for soy milk latte money? OK then don't push any more his way.

    Sounds like grandpa would have been better to bury all his stuff a while back before his a-hole kid turned him in. One day someone would find it, and chances are 50/50 it would be someone that would be like "oh hell yes we dug up a weapon in the backyard of that house we bought from the old dude!"

    Teach your children well and they will be out there with you at night burying the things or saying "thanks Pops I'll put this with the 40 others I have and take good care of them!" Not freaking out, frothing at the mouth while spilling his "fagamochino" as Protus would say. The son probably had to take a week off for stress...

    And "grenades" always "grenades".... GTFO with that crap! $6. dummy grenades you can buy anywhere... come on that crap gets old!
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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    You can determine if you are listening to/ reading an educated person or a media parrot (one who repeats words while having no concept of the meaning of those words).

    An arsenal is a facility which manufacturers weapons.

    An armory is where those weapons are stored.

    To believe what was reported, the fellow was building weapons of war.

    Although I doubt this is accurate.

    The creators of these "reports" truly support the old saying.

    "If you lie with dogs, you get fleas!"

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    The whole “red flag” issue has little to do with public safety, but a lot to do with disarming Americans, and with testing how far Americans are willing to go with allowing unconstitutional actions by the government.

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