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    Crashed computer

    This looked like the best place to put this. A few months ago, my 3-year old laptop became the victim of “the Pepsi Syndrome.” Some of you old SNL fans might get the reference. Liquid was spilled on it and even though I dried it out and it worked great for a couple of days, smoke came pouring out of it and it died. An inspection showed a fried motherboard. I shopped eBay for a replacement MB, and I didn’t like the prices. The other day while looking for something else I discovered a cable that hooks to the HD and has a USB cable on the other end. $16.00 later, I was able to recover the files from the HD with my backup laptop. When I am finished recovery, I will format it and have a 1 TB external drive. A really cheap fix. If you have a need, put the model of your old HD into a search engine and C-Net will give you the type of HD you have so you can get the cable from Amazon or EBay.

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    mine had the coffee syndrone... shooked, wiped, sprayed some air, wiped, shooked, repeated..
    i'm computer challenged so didn't take anything apart...
    computer came on, but typing got nothing... went to smarter than me, and he played with it..
    advised keyboard shot... advice,
    "go to computer store or walmart and buy a keyboard. they will be cheap. lay it on yours and run it"
    it worked.

    sitting here now. coffee is on same "slide out shelf" above computer that caused the syndrone.
    some folks just don't learn.. but that's a reason why we have forums/campouts,meet and greets. we can all learn about others... and draw a line through their names or put a question mark or a check mark for further contact!!

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