This looked like the best place to put this. A few months ago, my 3-year old laptop became the victim of “the Pepsi Syndrome.” Some of you old SNL fans might get the reference. Liquid was spilled on it and even though I dried it out and it worked great for a couple of days, smoke came pouring out of it and it died. An inspection showed a fried motherboard. I shopped eBay for a replacement MB, and I didn’t like the prices. The other day while looking for something else I discovered a cable that hooks to the HD and has a USB cable on the other end. $16.00 later, I was able to recover the files from the HD with my backup laptop. When I am finished recovery, I will format it and have a 1 TB external drive. A really cheap fix. If you have a need, put the model of your old HD into a search engine and C-Net will give you the type of HD you have so you can get the cable from Amazon or EBay.