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    we are on the cooler side of our crop region.
    citrus really shouldn't grow here.
    as we've proved!! regrettably..
    a lemon tree that we thought died a couple of years ago... came to life this year... and produced lemons!!
    we had a bunch of them and finally cleaned off the tree at the end of november.
    bride is cutting up one now and adding it to tea. she's sure it has helped her get over some "cold" symptoms.

    also.. we have planted orange/satsuma/tangerine plants several times and lost them over the winter the following winter..
    we went to a nursery in so. georgia and bought a couple of different types about 2-3 years ago... we planted them where there is wind protection.
    which for us means just east of the big ole thick bushes/trees. they have done very well this year... big production...
    i think the wind protection has helped... we also used lots of wood chips around the base to help with temp control and holding moisture.

    adding new chips/mulch now, and hoping they can last the winter and that the older they get the more hardy they will become!

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    Citrus is even tricky down here....
    But then again it aint the best soil at my place. Our like, calondian(sp) ruby limes do well.
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    i visit 2 different churches...
    took each a large bag of satsumas "just off the tree" the last 2 weeks.

    we've had some colds/allergies. i don't know what they are. but it at least made me feel good to think that the satsumas i was eating each day was minimizing the seriousness.

    just a few left on the counter. hmm. anybody know how to extend the "eat by" date?
    the only thing i can think of is to have just left them on the tree!

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    ref. satsumas.... we had a huge harvest from our young trees... we put the last 150 in walmart bags and placed them in the extra refrigerator... picked in mid/late dec. 20...
    we finished the last of them this week... i didn't think they would last...

    just a suggestion.... that you "getcha some!"

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    Doesn't look like we're getting citrus trees this year but....we bought a new motorhome, so I will buy some citrus to put in it. A few things we'd like to do will be put off now while we recover from the financial shock!

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