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    Novel Coronavirus 2019

    Seems every year or so there is a flavor of the week impending pandemic. This one bears close watching (according of a friend of mine...he is a former NBC guy and scientist now). He said this look alot like spanish flu. Pace of this pandemic has out paced information release. 2 days ago, the CDC strongly suggested that this coronavirus was not easily transmissible from human to human via respiratory. That is out the window, confirmed respiratory transmission. Arse covering is in full effect and “they” are saying that it mutated quickly and that is how it went human to human so quickly. Keep in mind that anything you hear is probably behind the pace of the actual virus. (old news).

    I hate things I cant see trying to kill me. Just doesnt seem fair.

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    Yep, kinda like radiation, huh? <grin>

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    Another justification for sealing our borders, where many Chinese have been found illegally entering/attempting to enter the US.

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    Good thought but if somehow I see an attempt to seal it will feel like a show and tell and nothing will change.

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    Cats out of the bag on this one. Not time to seal yourself off from humanity...yet...but I am not sure how they get in front of this one. 2-14 day incubation period so people could already have it and ... not know. and when they do start to feel bad they will think it is just the flu and goto a dr. Dr will treat for flu...which it looks like. Crazy fever later and you are a pile of compost. Seems there was a simulation done on this late last year, hosted by everyone's favorite Eugenic sponsor Billy Gates and his foundation. 65 million is the simulated outcome. Drop in the bucket unless it starts in the county next door. In the simulation it starts in a pig farm in Brazil, whereas this real pandemic started in an open air fish market that sells live critters in China.


    All in, it made me pull out a tote marked NBC and inventory the n95 masks (that only filter 95% of the particles in the air) and israeli masks that are still affordable. I did a new search for updated "better" masks and saw that there have been some really good advances in NBC masks.


    mask1.jpgmask2.jpg Seems to cover a large swath of possibilities and has a wide area of vision which if you have tried the israeli masks they give me a headache after a while.

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    Close the borders? Oh, no! We admit refugees from violence, income opportunities and a new category called “climate refugee.” Next—-disease refugee. We can’t keep people out just because their countrymen are sick. If you try to block their entry to the US you are disease-a-phobic. How dare you! I have a doctor visit on Monday. I’ll be coming home and locking the doors for a couple of months. 30A74EAD-7D53-4B90-B9AA-352809032CC3.jpg

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    source of virus.... ??
    down the road from the pig market

    this story is believable..
    hey, we ran tests on the critters... they are still walking around... let's sell them down at the market so we can get us some extra money to smoke juju.

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    Just got back from Shot Show, Las Vegas, don't tell me this LOL. I did make a point to give Asians a wide berth where I could LOL.

    I heard it was essentially another SARS?

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    Agree with above. Might not be anything but as said above, it's time to inventory.
    40mm filters were good, so were the n100 and n95 masks but did add some more n95's for sharing with friends.

    Is this a version of Georgia Guidestones design by China? Might solve their need for their
    one child per family law?

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    From New York Post:

    "The coronavirus now has a whistleblower — a nurse in Wuhan who insists in a shocking online video that close to 90,000 people in China have the disease, far more than the 1,975 reported by officials."

    just FYI...
    Protecting the sheep from the wolves that want them, their family, their money and full control of our Country!

    Guns and gear are cool, but bandages stop the bleeding!

    ATTENTION: No trees or animals were harmed in any way in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were really ticked off!

    NO 10-289!

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