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    prc-104, thanks for that post. My wife and I have said that from the beginning, let the elderly, immunocompromised, and anyone else that would be at high risk for serious long term outcomes stay at home, or wear masks, etc. Let businesses survive.

    Has anyone done a "study" on what the longterm effects of this economic calamity will cause? Deaths, homelessness, divorce, suicides, people with depression/anxiety going on long term SSRI/antidepressives, children with the same anxiety going on meds, bankruptcies, the list can go on and on.

    But the real take away is this from the article: "There's no way to develop immunity from the State...
    This situation sets a precedent that will surely be exploited for years to come. The government's getting used to ordering us all around. It isn't going to stop."

    Have we ever gotten back a liberty or a partial liberty that was taken away? I do not know of one.

    Thanks for that long, but important to read post pic-104
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    We aren't in this together. You have your health and your priorities... And I've got mine.

    I hope you'll join me in calling out anyone who supports these tyrannical and unconstitutional new laws. I believe every American should willingly risk death before surrendering an iota of his liberty.
    I have to agree. I've stayed home but only because I have an at-risk husband. Every other day, the projections from the "experts" are reduced to levels that are almost laughable. I know it's not funny if you, or a loved one, contracts this virus, but it appears the risk is much lower than initially thought by orders of magnitude. It's not funny if I or my loved ones are killed in a car accident or die of cancer. I was glad to see Jax open the beaches for "essential" activities, which basically means everything but sunbathing. I can do that in my pool or on the pool deck. People are almost at the point where they're afraid of other people, including their friends and neighbors. We need to get used to coexisting as we've always done. We're luckier here than most because we have a governor with a great deal of common sense. South Dakota is the standard bearer in the midst of this crisis.

    Some city officials are encouraging spying on others and reporting "non-approved activities" - the return of the jackbooted thugs. Other officials are demanding taxpayer bailouts; I say they can raise taxes, sell bonds or get a loan. I have no intention of approving my tax dollars to bail out a financial sinkhole like NYS. Their $6.1B shortfall is largely of their own making and existed before coronavirus. In FL, budgets must be balanced every year; we are legally prohibited from running deficits and normally have a healthy fund for emergencies. The federal government has funded a great deal of the coronavirus efforts (which is our money) but the states, who angrily decried federal control over their reopening, are now crying foul over having to be responsible for it themselves. My patience for whiney politicians is non-existent.

    It's time for all of us to insist that our states and businesses are reopened using common sense preventive measures. Let the May 1st mark be the end of repression. In the meantime, my masks lie in wait in case I feel the need. At this point I don't feel the need, and if FL was completely reopened tomorrow, I'd go shopping and out for dinner. Anyway, we need some paint so my husband will have something to do, so I'm going to Home Depot to get it tomorrow. To live in constant fear is to be a slave to the "new normal" and I'm not good slave material.

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