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    The "Regulars" here must be chuckling at the returning flock....

    I'm guessing the folks who've been here regularly are amused by the people finding their way back!

    I joined back in 2011, when I got "the prepper bug". I started with stocking a pantry, buying some "home defense items",
    gathering a lot of survival information and joining several prepper and survival websites, such as this. This site answered
    many of my questions about weapons and ammo, among other topics. Since joining almost 10 years ago, I've maintained
    my "preparedness", adding items, rotating my food stock, getting my concealed-carry license, etc.

    I use to check in here quite often, but frankly, it's been going pretty good for us the last few years - the job market, the stock
    market, housing market, etc. A false sense of security, you might say. It was easy to think "What could possibly go wrong?"
    Regarding our supplies, my wife and son know what we have here, but I've not really talked about it with friends and family,
    because I know the response I'd get. It's like "What are you preparing for?? Everything is just fine!!" Even my own mother
    (In her 80's) was laughing one day, when she told me about her neighbor who was storing buckets of food in his basement.

    And then, BAM...... Look how fast everything turned to Sh-t.

    Today, I was finally able to find my folks some toilet paper, after checking 8 stores in the past 3 days. I just happened to be at Walmart when they got two pallets in. There was an employee at each end of the aisle, controlling the growing crowd of
    people waiting in line, for friggin' toilet paper. They let one person at a time go down the aisle - limit of one pack of paper towel, and one pack of toilet paper.

    Who would have thought, on New Years day, that this was in the cards???

    When I dropped the toilet paper off to my folks, I mentioned the limit. My mom said, "Gee, don't you need some?"

    I said "No, mom... I stocked up a while ago."

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    I've been doing Walmart pickup for fresh items - the garden is growing but not ready for picking yet, and I don't have a milk cow. Otherwise, we can go a long time on the freezer, pantry, and freeze-dried stores. My grocery bill is pretty small and toilet paper is no problem, although our Walmart does have it. Only store brand paper towels but I have enough of those for a while. Thank goodness we seldom get guests because the guest room is my overflow storage for paper products and bottled water.

    Going to the garden center to see if there are any more plants I could pick up and, if not, I'll come home and sprout some seeds. I already put in tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, squash, and bush beans, along with the cauliflower and broccoli I put in about 6 weeks ago. There's room left so I want to put in some more.

    My husband always made fun of me for keeping the pantries and freezer chock full of food. Now he's feeling relieved that we don't have to panic over grocery shopping. I've been prepping forever, and now someone appreciates it. My non-prepper daughter up north says now she knows why I kept tons of everything all those years when she was growing up - and after talking with me, she did a $400 grocery pickup. She has a huge house with a massive freezer and lives alone so why waste it!

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    Welcome back, glad to see you. Post some stuff and we will help as we have.

    Folks are welcome to note what state they are in when they talk about shortages, etc.

    STILL a lot of people- even "preppers" that have not turned the page yet. I can't tell you how many hundreds of calls I've gotten over the last week where people literally thought they were the first one to jump on Night Vision. I think this is a serious problem with "preppers" they always think they were the first to do anything but in reality they are usually WAY behind the curve.

    It's all about the quick and the dead now. Time for "research", making lists of crap your never going to do, etc. IS OVER. Time for action.

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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    It's all about the quick and the dead now. Time for "research", making lists of crap your never going to do, etc. IS OVER. Time for action.

    Well said!

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    Welcome back.
    Positive thing is i know it's turned on the switch in my family members.
    Im having flashbacks of 2008 when its constant phone calls for advice lol.
    I just listen and be supportive... of course...tossing a youtube link to them got a " holy ##$$ thats really you..." .
    Least they beat the rush.
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    Glad to have you back Miked2345.
    Protecting the sheep from the wolves that want them, their family, their money and full control of our Country!

    Guns and gear are cool, but bandages stop the bleeding!

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