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    Getting back to basics

    The last few years have been crazy for us. Super busy regularly with the businesses, my son in college, etc. We've slacked in a lot of stuff around the homestead.

    We have let some of the garden areas "rest" for quite a few years.... we got rid of our goats several years back. A couple of our rabbits died including a buck last year so we are out of rabbit breeders. Still got plenty of chickens thank God and got the cattle at the range property, but our homesteading the last few years has been rubbish.

    Some of our fruit trees are now over 20 years old and not producing much or at all. These are all dwarf and semi dwarf trees. I've been slowly cutting them down a couple at a time but still have a bunch just taking up space. Should have brought the dozer off from the range property and got it all done in one fail swoop and re-planted.

    Coulda woulda shoulda... I suspect we are all doing a lot of that now.

    Pros- forwarded the calls to my cell this weekend and got some fences mended, sight lines mowed down well. The family did most of the work getting the garden in this last week and we drove to the range property and raked up a truckload of hay/manure mix from the cows and mulched the garden well.

    So we are slowly starting to claw back. Plenty of storage food, but even if we were going out regularly the last thing I would trust is open produce from the stores right now. Got to have some fresh.

    It's easy to let things lapse. Your working a lot, have little time and then bam! Things pile up. Got to keep driving on.

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    son in college! great... i hadn't heard that.. impressed!

    having let things go for the last few years.. ditto. lots of reasons... biggest was a storm (michael) just this week started reroofing a shed that a limb sticking out of the top.. it was big, nice and tight. very little leaking, so that project got postponed! more and more "excuses"

    selling a high dollar (for us) piece of equipment this week. maybe. it will be alright if buyer backs away. the equipment is something physical and useful.. greenbacks in the bank ain't physical and useful.

    a visitor to a function with us one time, met a couple of fellows here.. his alert level is constantly rising... this is good. i hope he is wrong.

    take care all.

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