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    t/p and no more shame.

    it was a quiet september morning in 2043.
    billy bob was going through his morning routine...
    coffee from a container dated 2020... not real fresh, but better than the stuff made from weeds.

    then, and he would remember this day.. a special day. he needed to have a bathroom break. one to remember. this was the day... he was opening the last pack of toilet paper leftover from 2020. stocks that his parents had bought in early 2020.. preps for what had become to be known as "the great virus" those evil chinamen. no one ever proved it was intentional. but they knew it down deep. china even got proctor and gamble to build several paper plants in their land before "the great virus" hit. he could have been rich if he had sold off his stash! but no. some things had been worth more than filthy lucre! no one shook a left hand anymore.

    cell phones had eliminated the need for large phone books. internet had removed the need for large catalogs. email took out the last need for paper.
    billy was going to be like other people next week... gathering leaves and washing out scraps of cloth. trying not to look up as others walked by... but really, not much shame in it any more...

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    HAHAHAHA! LOL You have the beginnings of a good post apocalyptic book there RR!

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