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Thread: 2 sneaky snakes

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    2 sneaky snakes

    snake 1...
    about 3 days ago. headed across the creek, i looked down and coiled up thick but not too long looking up at me... i was polite and calm... stay right there a minute and i'll be right back... he did. i did... he went to snake hell. moccasin. (sp?)

    snake 2...
    today, i haven't cut grass in a while at the nearby park. i've been dodging the grass between some trees... (they need trimming to get rid of low branches) today, i cut through the two trees where the limbs were angled same direction as me... i ducked, made a good swath. anyhow on return trip looked down and two pieces of snake. oh sheet. checked on internet.. yep. ratsnake of the gray variety. and we've got a rat/mouse problem.. heavy mower sliced and diced.

    i'm trying to learn the gooduns and the baduns. i need those rat snakes.

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    We have a resident black snack that appears to live under a storage shed in the backyard, and is fascinating to watch. I much prefer this black snack to the Eastern Diamondback that was living in the backyard when I bought this house!

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