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    prayer for eyes to be opened

    gordon responded to a question about grandparents with a scripture.

    a memory returned.
    of a campout many many moons ago. a memory that has faded with the years.

    a story about breath returning to old bones, was told. many knew of the story and automatically knew this was a spiritual story that had several meanings and interpretations... and it does. in that reading new words that had never
    been seen before by the story teller, giving it a whole new and more specific message came to life.
    so... .. sitting around a campfire with friends late at night various stories, tales and what if's were being shared.. tales of zombies, tales of electrical failures, tales of satellites monitoring activities, etc..

    the story about the bones receiving new life was told... the story was challenged. the validity of this new version of the story challenged. a fellow quietly reached into his chest pocket and produced a bible. and offered it, so that the challenge could be resolved. (actually, my current retelling may be the compilation of several events!! but the message remains!) with poor light the proof of the pudding was hard to find. but it was there.

    so, my prayer. Lord, open my eyes to the things of you. and for those here that know you. may we see things of you that have been hidden. help us learn how to be your friend. help us as we read, to see the message that has not been seen clearly. and if any around this campfire don't know you, please draw them to you, so that we may all know You and understand the times.

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    Thanks rr for that post....
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    Got a Book that has the answer to every question I have ever had. I just need to look and my stinking flesh needs to be willing to heed what is written. I pray that God will give me the discernment to do both.

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