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    Conserving Your On-Hand Food Supply - What Are You Doing?

    Last night my husband wanted pasta, and I had some meat sauce I canned last year, so I made that last night and had some leftover spaghetti squash lasagna that I had in the fridge freezer (just as good as the day I made it). Tonight, he ate leftover pasta and I ate more of the spaghetti squash lasagna.

    What's the moral of this story? I didn't use any of the meat stored in the large upright freezer, since variety is limited at the grocery store right now. My husband loves to grill, and I get it, but we also need to not use up all of our stored meat by grilling every night. Bone-in chicken thighs have disappeared from the meat case! Tomorrow night it's lupin flour pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs. We have lots of all the ingredients. Then we can grill for a couple of days, then back to casseroles (Swanson canned chicken breast is awesome for casseroles) for a couple of days. I think if I keep switching the menu up, we can get months, rather than weeks, out of our frozen proteins. I'm hoping that the meat processing shutdowns will be resolved within the next 2-3 weeks, and I'll buy enough to fill in the freezer where I can find space.

    What are you doing to stretch your on-hand food supply?

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    haven't touched our "stores" yet. Been going to store and buying things. Bought meat early in this crisis as I figured meat packers would get sick, so a lot of meat stored. we try and get some meat at store each week. We are trying to use the store like normal for now, and save all the stored supplies for later if needed.
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