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    eye glasses - readers

    most of yall are too young to understand the following..
    for the others...

    even though i'm still a youngster, i need readers. i was down to 2 pair and asked the bride to start looking for a discount on them at the $$ store or wally or..

    today... she checked and walmart had some...
    .75 for a pack of 4
    .25 for an individual with a case.

    so they don't have any of a certain magnification any more...
    you may want to check your wally!!
    or if you are part of a group... time to go get a couple of pair in every mag. or just buy out the rack!

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    Rock, you aren’t the only one who needs readers. Ms. Foster has readers all over the house as well as in vehicles. I went to bifocals about 10-years ago. I’m about to order 2-extra sets this weekend from Zinni. We are staying away from Wally for a while. Even before the Wu-Flu, were always skiddish going there as it seemed to be a Petri dish of germs; Ms Foster is a germaphobe. I wish I could have taken advantage of that sale.

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    and i should have bought out the rack... talk about trade goods !!
    now, folks sometimes pay around 10$ for a pair.
    if you can't read your manual, tom clancy, bible, recipe book, what would you give for an item, that would facilitate all of the above..?

    a couple of 100 $$ would be most reasonable.

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