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    homesteading family video

    i hope this is legit... if any problem of posting this youtube story holler and i'll delete. or "feel free."

    family in washington state have been homesteading on a 1 acre lot. he's a cop. she's a home school mom with 4 kids.
    they have purchased land in n. idaho. and beginning the process of moving..
    i'm guessing most folks on here have already started that process..
    but family are very open with decisions. their finances. family. reason to move.
    i see several hints of their mindset. gun safe, want freedom of idaho, emergency essential containers, gardeners, working with neighbors, skousen.

    i'm jealous on several counts. real estate in washington state must be awesome... value of their home is triple our area.
    they are very skilled at their projects. their youtube is bringing in $2000. per month... i'm shocked that it is that high!!

    anyhow, if you like this type video. enjoy. again if any problem/conflict with this post. let's delete... no problem here.

    if link doesn't work it is the -- Good Simple Living


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    Good video, thanks. Lots of folks are moving to that area...Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and eastern Washington State. The “simpler” life comes with hard work as many on this forum know. I wish them luck.

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