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    syrian terrorist

    i haven't confirmed this....

    but.. here's a copy and paste from internet...

    Thursday morning a Syrian-American terrorist armed with an AR-15, shotgun, and pistol planned to shoot the gate guard, enter the Navy base in Corpus Christi Texas and kill as many on base as possible. A young female Sailor on duty checking IDs was shot square in the chest by the terrorist. Her ceramic armor stopped the bullet, but the force knocked her to the ground. She was able to activate the final denial barrier before the terrorist could pass through. She then unloaded her side arm into the vehicle killing the terrorist and saving unknown lives. Just in case this hadn't made it into your news feed, I thought you should know!

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    It is true... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-t...-idUSKBN22Y2O6

    I also heard the female sailor was up for medals...
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    I figured it would have been one of those radical Amish guys out of Pennsylvania. Imagine my surprise to see it is a foreign born muslim here to destroy the system that took him out of a third world $#!+ hole and gave him a chance at life.

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    seems to me...
    that there's a pattern of these rags being family related and religion associated..

    how about this... we figure out all of his kin in the good ole u.s.a. and send them packing... them and there clothes... the rest of there stuff goes to the fund that pays for our wounded soldiers.
    and if no kin can be located, then all of the collaborators at his local holy place. clearly they aren't good folks. they sure are clearly spewing evil stuff on the sunday morning share a thons... so. send 'em packing back to whereever they came from...
    the holey guys will then teach stuff that suits this country or they'll go back home on their own.

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