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    solar power and back up power

    several times in the last 10+? years i've come close to getting solar...
    there are conflicts with distance and shading..

    i know a lot of yall have alternative energy sources,,, solar, generators, hydro etc... we don't ... except for generators.

    our biggest effort stopped when the installer put solar on a friends north facing slope, at the same time he required us to pay 90+ % of the money prior to installation... and we withdrew as he shouted, " it doesn't say pay 90% before we start" he was correct.. it was broken down into about 4 payments totalling over 90% and then the installation would begin!! with the 3 biggest steps about 80+% happening before the product showed up..
    there were other close calls...

    i digress. bottom line. today i have no solar... however we have agreed to have a small system installed on a barn which should be sufficient to have power day and night to keep refrigeration and freezers and a few basic lights etc. operating. then the problems started... i sent the down payment initial money weeks ago and installer was slow to respond... that was alright because we had our hands full of other situations. but ,, it sure isn't a good sign!!

    today, nosing around the internet, i found this guy and product...bluetti 200p sort of funny to watch..

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    Look at this one.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrsdW87XM7U

    if ordered soon can still get a discount plus some pre-order perks. I ordered one with spare battery and supercharger and four 100w panels. I wanted the option to take it with me to my mountain home if we decide to move there in the future, or for SHTF at our BO AO. It is more expensive then a DIY, but I like the modularity, expandability and portability. YMMV

    They have received the first batch and this is the email I received:
    Dear Flex customer,
    We have our first production-quality units! Thank you for sticking with us. We appreciate you so much. We were disappointed in September when we had to announce the global shortage of LG Lithium battery cells that resulted in the Flex delay. We apologize for not seeing that coming; it took our whole industry by surprise.

    To accommodate either Samsung or LG battery cells in the system, we needed to modify several components within the Flex. These modifications also presented opportunities to make the system even better for you. Because you have been so patient and loyal, we are going to give you a lot more than you bargained for. Most importantly, you will pay nothing for these upgrades:
    Increased Regulated DC Output on the Flex DC
    The Flex DC will now have up to 60 amps (a 50% increase) of regulated DC output at 13.8V. The 60A will be split between a 20A dedicated PowerPole output and the remaining 40A shared between the other DC and USB ports. This is the highest regulated DC output in its class.

    Silent Operation Whenever Possible, Even When Using AC Power
    We added smart fan control to reduce noise and maintain silent operation whenever possible, especially below 300 watts of total output.

    Please stay tuned for even more free upgrades, test videos and independent reviews by leading influencers. We also have a blog specifically for Flex presale customers. Find your Flex Modular System Updates here. From now until the day your order ships, we will provide weekly updates on the status of your Flex Modular system.

    Hope this helps rr....
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