So last Election year, we had quite the fun (pun intended) couple of days right before the election. It's always a last minute thing and people that wait till the very last minute to order gear are always the hardest to deal with. Not all mind you, but in general the absolute last minutes types are the worst. They waited way too long and are scrambling, they usually think being pushy, rude and demanding will get them what they need.

Last time, more than a few put in orders for NV, optics, etc. right before the election and then cancelled the order after Trump won- that's some sleezeball move right there folks.

Even had one guy from 100 years before that was a major problem child send these involved emails I spent 20 minutes on the side of I-20 on the way back from a class responding to so he would get an immediate response to later complain that my CS was lacking, LOL. Meanwhile I hear from most other customers how they wait "7 days" to get an email response (if they get one at all) from some of my competitors.

We call these types "zombies". As in walking dead that come out of the woodworks during bad times.

They waited, they messed around, they procrastinated, but it's not their fault.....

Had one just now- old guy. Called up last week ordered an A3. Told him got a new shipment coming in next week, we can get you one then. He's all confused on ALL sorts of things including how to work an IR laser he already has, everything isn't his fault and he's right about everything, only he isn't... He thinks the bloom coming off his IR laser dot is an "illuminator" and wants to argue that with me. The model he has doesn't even have an illuminator. But he's right...

Anyways, so he's all angry it isn't going to ship 45 seconds after he ordered. Told him next shipment next week, you won't be charged till it ships. etc. He orders one. As I do on the phone I read back everything to him. He's ignoring, spacing out or doesn't care- again not his fault.... But let's just say you do this long enough, you can tell when people aren't listening. I got 28 years doing this.

So a couple days later he calls back (remember I told him a week before next shipment arrives). He talks in circles for a couple minutes and we surmise he is wanting to add a 2nd unit to his order. "OK we can do that but it would be the following shipment, the first shipment is all sold out, the first one you ordered will be in that shipment but the 2nd one will be a week." He's angry, asks why. Evidently he thinks he is our only customer...

Units arrive, we go to process his card. I say "let's get this guy 2 units from this first shipment, he was really confused and will probably call and yell at us cause he didn't remember what we told him."

So we try to run his card for both units- it declines.
Alright, let's try it for just the one and he will have to wait for the 2nd like we initially told him- it declines for just one.

We call the number we got from him (remember the part above about us reading back all the info on phone orders?), no answer. We send him an email. No reply.

We send the two units to other customers who have been waiting also and who's cards process. We are under no obligation to hold hard to find items for customers with declined cards who don't answer their phones, emails etc.

This morning I get the nasty call. Oh it's not his fault his card declined, can't be his fault. After he lambasts me for five minutes and another phone call comes in I ask him to hold. I put the 2nd caller on hold and get back to him- he's hung up on me.

I immediately send him an email- "Not sure if your phone dropped the call or you hung up, but let me know if you want to cancel the order or we will send you the first two that arrive on Monday, if we don't hear from you we will assume you want to cancel." 10 minutes later I get a call from him, yes cancel the order. No problem says I, thanks goodbye. Send him an email confirming cancellation of the order.

An hour later I get this 500 word essay via email from him starting out with "cancel my order" which of course I've already done and confirmed via phone and email with him. Then it's the normal "it's not my fault" diatribe as well as comments on customer service including how he "did everything I was supposed to do"- which of course isn't technically correct. He's trying to rip me because his card declined.

That's a zombie....

The zombies are out early this Election year.

You can't reason with a zombie, they are always right, even when they are clearly wrong. They don't give a damn about your time and how much you helped them, they don't care if they yell at you, their procrastination is YOUR fault definitely not their fault!