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    ammo pricing

    after seeing silver had jumped in price, i checked one dealer for ammo pricing.

    most of their 556 was out of stock, but they had some at 460 to 500 per 1000.

    for the x39 crowd lots of availability at 260 to 280 per 1000.

    my prediction.... ammo going up further...
    what do you think.

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    agree, but not just ammo. Firearms and parts have gone up as well, and some being sold out.

    But like ammo and such, prices in general are creating up....
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    I've said it before but...

    When I bought this house 16 years ago, I was overwhelmed with all the space as I was coming from a 1 bedroom apartment. One of the first things I did was designate an ammo storage area and proceeded to fill it. I could buy more ammo, but where would I put it? I have box after box of sealed ammo that I'm saving for a special occasion, like the coming civil war. I just clean and oil my firearms and make sure everything is still in good working condition.

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    ww, has your floor started cracking (if concrete) or the floor joists bowing?

    i've been told that is the way to tell when you may be getting enough.

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    In this old house, I'm pretty sure the concrete cracked long ago! I always think about having to move this room full of stuff and I'm pretty sure my spine would crack before I was halfway done. I had a case plus of ammo for my main rifle, then a friend of mine at work asked me to feed their cats while they went to IN to visit family. Every time, he'd bring me 1/3 of a case (he had a good connection up north), and I'm here to say I did a lot of cat-sitting! Could I fit more in there - I'm sure I could but I'm goosey about ordering too much. Who's watching? Everyone, I think...

    What dealer? Prices are all over the place.

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    Found some 5.56 at SGAmmo yesterday I think. Definitely was not cheap for brass cased good ammo- and you know those finicky black rifles have to have good ammo.

    X39 is still reasonable'ish Definitely ain't hurting in that area. But don't have basements full of 5.56 and while that would not likely be my go to, I still like to train a lot.

    Armor plates, Night Vision, thermal, food storage, optics of all sorts, magazines, gas masks, guns, ammo all of these items have had and are continuing to have runs on them.

    My "favorite" phrase I hear almost daily on the phones- "I knew this was happening with guns and ammo I didn't know it was happening with night vision."

    Everyone -and most especially "preppers" always think they are the first to think about doing something. My how shocked they can be when they realize how crazy it's been in 2020....


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