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    load up our vehicles and go...

    that line over in ? gen discussion ? i forget where... by i forget who?/ PSD...
    anyhow, it
    , got my attention...

    the bm has hit the fan... already done in most of the nations largest cities..

    and you've decided it's time to "head out" to your "hidey hole in idaho"
    or tennessee, s.ga. idehoe, whereever...

    it happens today, 7-31-20...
    my household needs to bug out... probably can't come back...

    intentions of landing about 6 hours away... use your own numbers. i thought i could go to cousins up the way about 2 hours, but the bm has already burnt most of that town. the interstates are blocked in atlanta... the police are letting folks deal with the bm all by their lonesomes..

    back to the question... purpose of the post... how much transportation have i (you) got at the house right now...? what is your loadout capacity? forget about your trucks gvwr... that aint the concern... well it is, but we aren't real concerned with legalities right now...
    how much of my (your) precious stuff can i haul. just pretending the below... think what if this is what i've got,
    i've got a
    tractor, compact size, about 50 hp.
    trailer. low boy style tandem 2 3500# axles 18' with ramps no side rails..
    one 1/2 ton 4 door truck
    one small suv.
    one small gas motorhome..
    one small runabout on a tandem trailer.
    2 drivers,

    how much stuff do i (you) take?
    what vehicles do i take?
    what stuff do i load?

    a few initial thoughts/comments to get you considering your situation.
    i'd like to take the tractor on the trailer... truck gvwr just maxed out... but still lots of space on the trailer and in truck.
    i could take the boat and pile it full of stuff... that would look somewhat normal...
    or i could dump boat in the yard, increasing trailer space and capacity by boat size and about 4000#
    the low boy trailer is going.
    do we take the camper or the suv? only 2 drivers...
    do you load out the bb guns and hunting, camping stuff, or the storage food?
    the boat will be useless at destination.. easy to load. just run up and dump stuff over the side.
    we have a few big metal cabinets. if i dumped the boat... i could use the tractor loader to drop a few cabinets on the boat trailer... they could be laid on trailer frame fairly easily. sure would draw attention. look funny...
    computers and tvs? appliances? sofa's?
    the wife wants to take her special china and all the pots/pans/dishes... she has trouble understanding the need to leave now!! in one or 2 hours.
    i want to take all the tools, gasoline containers, diesel containers,
    the questions continue...

    one of our options is a small farm... if we headed there, it's close enough that by morning. we could drive a tractor there. but there are only 2 drivers... something big would have to stay... !! what if we had 2 tractors... one tractor pulls the trailer with other tractor on it. that would mean only one vehicle heads out.. motorhome, small suv or pickup? which one? mh or pickup could pull the boat trailer!

    all the choices and options...

    yall know i made up this whole story... we live in a high rise condo in a big city, so there wouldn't be any boats, motorhomes, tractors...
    all we've got is one prius compact and some mountain bikes...
    but i know some folks that might have the collection i mentioned above!
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