yep, the world is crazy. but leaving antifa, bm, NK, cheena, looters and killers, commies, and FSA behind for a few minutes.
the pears at the park haven't produced the last few years... BUT, this year the trees are "self pruning" limbs are bent, and breaking... poor
tree care by the caretakers.
better half was making something called pear butter. ummh ummh good and the condo was smelling good too. she apologized
because she didn't have any all spice and had to stir up a substitute?? then this morning... i saw this container of ? color looked like grease from bacon! but it was the liquid that came off the pears when they were being cooked... i don't know if it has a name. ?pear squeezins? but it also had the spices...
so, the ole man of the house stuck his finger in it, and yeah, it was good... so..

fixing the first mug of coffee... added 2 teaspoons of squeezins to the coffee... made me think it was Christmas...

so, folks, as i forget about silver soaring, no bbs, dagnabbit muslims and proliferating commies screwing up our millineals, false corona scare, and printing money, gonna lean back, practice my keyboard commando, and sip me some sho nuf special coffee a la purree a pear. and know that all is well with the world!