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Thread: Needs vs Wants

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    Needs vs Wants

    Just a friendly reminder to all the visitors we see here daily.

    It is easy to confuse the words "need and want" when prepping...I need that new XR-15 shorty bullpup chrome barreled rifle (but you have a safe full of others). I need that new lodge 1500-fwd tent in case we have to bug out but you have several tents that work just fine. I need that new cool Nemesis 2000 backpack but you already have a closet full of packs. The point is, that we will always "need" something new and cool, but in reality it is a want.

    What needs to be done now is take inventory in your stock and make sure you spend your money where it will help the most. You may need to look into some more storage food if the only thing you have is one Wise bucket. You may need to get some ammo if all you have is one box of Blazer Brass for your pistol and one 20 round box of ammo for your long gun. You may need a holster for that pistol if all you have is the case it came in. You may need some bandages and trauma medical gear if all you have is that little "free" first aid kit you picked up from the last home show you went to.

    Set your priorities and get with it while you still can, although it may already be too late for some stuff.

    As Lowdown3 said in another post, don't be that "researcher", as things are flying off the shelf while you research.
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    Correct. I would love to have a lot of things (more guns, more ammo) but, in reality, I don't really "need" anything else at this point. Still looking for a nice piece of land to park the RV but that can wait until I find the right one.

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