RR would be proud-


American Tet?

I don't know, but the left seems to be good at making The Don makes some moves that makes him look bad. Also the left hasn't really been spanked yet, so them selectively targeting cops after perhaps setting up a false flag "shooting" via a perp in a cops uniform (aka "They started it!") isn't beyond belief.

The thing often missed in this type of warfare is that goal is to incite violence, misgivings and distrust of the entity you are fighting. Antifa isn't stupid, they understand this and have been pushing the police towards a more violent confrontation from the onset.

A mass "police" shooting Boston Massacre style could be their rally cry to move to a higher level. All could be instigated by a clean cut looking antifa member and linked to those evil poo poo's- "12" "acab" Five O, whatever they are called now.