“The war is not coming—it is here and now. We must take our historic task seriously. We must accumulate forces and steel them in small-scale street battles. We must respond accordingly to the apocalyptic reality that capitalism-imperialism has forced on us.”

“So what does self-defense mean for the rest of us? What does it mean for enemies of the state? It can only mean that we must develop red physical culture. It means that we must contend for ground that has been ceded to the enemy. That we train in both hand-to-hand combat and in weapons. We must take community self-defense seriously. We must walk away from the comfort zone of the legal left, and by extension it means that those who protect them are sure to attack us. It means that we return to our filthy neighborhoods of cramped apartment complexes and organize right there among our class. It means that we choose the field of combat thoughtfully and not out of uninventive and timid habit. We cannot expect a mass antifascist movement to develop its necessarily revolutionary character unless we move away from the state-ordained protest zones.

“Reclaiming violence means making revolutionary violence available to be utilized by all types of comrades at all levels and all abilities. It means training physically in flexible ways applied to the specific conditions of specific groups. Everyone, regardless of ability, can improve. This is not to do away all at once with the division of violent labor; the science of revolutionary violence is universal, and it must at the same time be applied with great care to the specific. In this process of trial and error we sharpen and broaden our skillsets. Martial arts, firearms, and sports must be seen as cultural battlefields as well as invaluable tools in our revolutionary toolkit.”


These people get it, do YOU?

When was your last taste of violence? 4th grade slap fight? High school John Wayne fight- just a couple punches thrown and you wait for the other guy to get off the ground if he falls?

Sucks to have to fight, sucks worse to lose. But the more you get experience fighting the more you tend to not lose.

During training this weekend at a class, was in charge of an ad hoc group doing an "ambush" with blanks on another group. Knowing it was an ad hoc mix of experience levels and mostly people that hadn't trained together before, I took some time to brief focusing on how when the ambush started everyone had to get into it 100%

I set everyone in place, gave out sectors of fire, laid out the signals plan, gave everyone the trigger of the ambush, etc. We waited. When the ambush was sprung I felt like there was only 2 guns out of 7 in the fight. I called for rear and right security to get into the fight the fire volume sucked so bad.

Later one of the OPFOR guys mentioned "who the hell was shooting like mad?" I replied "I had targets and it seemed to me like no one else was shooting. It's an ambush after all." Part of the problem was blanks- they are notoriously unreliable and even though I got off 3 mags during the engagement (the scenario involved the other team moving on the ambush and us dying gloriously in place) I had a ton of jams I was clearing during it. Others had jams evidently also but were really slow to clear them.

An ambush is pure violence, no place for one shot at one target type stuff aka ammo scrooges. Be accurate but a VOLUME of fire is needed.