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    product deliveries

    this topic could go in a lot of different categories...

    article discusses slow delivery of imports to consumers...

    u.s.a went to to a "service oriented economy" or some similar words.... from a "manufacturing oriented economy"

    letting other folks with their cheap labor make the stuf or some other 4 letter word. and ship it to the us... while we would have our workers doing non stressful service jobs.... sweeping floors, talking on the phone, shouting at police, standing in line for the free-stuf army. etc...
    well, if there is a delay or hiccup in the delivery process, you won't get your new electronic toy as fast as you really want it..
    and while i'm on my rant... let's all protest to require companies pay their workers a living wage of 15/hour... so we can move more production to cheena or indeea or vong kong.
    sounds like a slow way to lose a war to me.


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    Exactly so !

    Henry Ford knew what you're talking about.

    When he started building cars, if he needed a part or a component, he started and owned a company that b u i l t that part or component.

    He valued his countrymen, saw the need for his employees medical so he built his own great hospital.

    When the powerful people put pressure on the banks to not handle his payroll or work with Ford employees, he started his own bank which is still in existence in the original building, as I recall.

    Henry Ford's ethics are exactly what ours MUST BE today.

    Too bad the schools are producing children that Henry Ford would NOT hire.

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